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Trees are extremely important as it plays a vital role in the environment and improvement of human condition. It is not even a stretch to say that we cannot exist without trees. But just like all the other things here on earth, there will come a time when trees also require attention. If you have one on your property in Shellharbour, you will eventually need to hire the help of an arborist.

An arborist is different from a typical landscaper. The latter deals with the conventional landscape and hardscape installation, lawn maintenance, garden bed preparation, and the like. Meanwhile, the former deals with more complicated tasks. You might think that an arborist just deals with tree care. You’re wrong! Their work involves sophisticated issues like tree removal, cabling, pruning, stump grinding, and more. Some homeowners dare to take on such task without realizing that they are putting themselves, their property in Shellharbour, the tree, and the other people around them at risk. Whether your tree needs to be trimmed or completely removed, be sure to hire a certified arborist. Fortunately, Arborist Luke Warner is here to help.

Why Opt For A Professional Tree Removal, Tree Pruning & Shaping Services?

You might be thinking now why you should hire an arborist when pruning and shaping your tree, for instance, seem to be a pretty easy job. Employing a certified arborist if more beneficial than going the DIY route. A few of the advantages that you will enjoy are as follows:

You are guaranteed that the person who will be working on your tree is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. The team of arborists from Arborist Luke Warner has gone through an extensive vetting, training, and certification process. They maintain a certification level of 3 or more. They also go through continuing education to make sure that they are on top of the latest developments, innovations, and trends in the field of arboriculture. A certified arborist can answer all of your questions and provide you with professional and reliable recommendations related to arboriculture.

A certified arborist is also insured, which means you will be protected in case of an accident or damage to your property as they carry out their job. Aside from that, they also have the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right, safely, and efficiently. They also know the various safety measures that they need to put in place before, during, and after the job to avoid potential damage or accident.

Arborist Luke Warner can present you all their credentials upon request so you can rest easy knowing that they are certified, licensed, and insured. Plus, they can also offer you references for past clients. You can talk to their previous customers and ask them if they were satisfied with the service that they received.

Lastly, hiring a professional like Arborist Luke Warner helps you save tons of cash. At first, it would seem that going the DIY route is cheaper. But if you think about the amount of money you have to spend later on to fix bigger problems on your trees, issues that could have been addressed early on if you had just hired a professional.

Available Arborist Tree Service: Palm Cleaning & Removal, Hedging, Mulching, and Stump Grinding and More!

Arborist Luke Warner offers a broad range of services to those in Blackbutt, Tullimbar, Flinders, Balarang, or Tongarra. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

Tree removal – It is considered as a last resort. An arborist will remove a tree if it is invasive, undesirable, or dead. Tree removal may be warranted if it is located in a construction site and its removal is required, if it is causing crowding, or if it needs to be replaced with a better species.

Tree pruning & shaping – this type of arborist tree service Shellharbour can be performed using different methods and for various reasons. Apart from aesthetic purposes, tree pruning may be required to increase light penetration, improve airflow, lessen wind resistance, and lower risk of storm damage.

The other services that Arborist Luke Warner features include stump grinding, mulching, hedging, as well as palm cleaning and removal.

If you need more details about any of these services, do not hesitate to call Arborist Luke Warner. They are always ready to help you by providing you with a reliable, safe, efficient, tailored, and affordable tree service.