Tree Removal

Tree Removal is our most conducted service by our AQF Level 3 Certified arborists. We use technical lowering devices and safe work practice techniques to remove trees with minimal disruption to its surrounds.

Tree lopping is a term that describes the process of removing the entire top half of a tree, or the removal of the main stem(s) of the tree. Tree lopping was a widespread practice in the tree industry prior to the current standards, training, and certification being introduced. The process involves removing the top stem or leaders and leaving behind the rest of the tree.

Lopping carries the risk of leaving behind large weak epicormic growth. Which leaves the tree vulnerable to future hazardous failures; i.e. storm damage, pest and fungal infections. At times, trees do not recover from lopping: they decline or die.

This takes us to the service of tree removal. If a tree is too tall for its location, it is best to remove the tree and replace it with a plant species more suited.

The tree removal process can vary based on the size of the tree, location and amount of space required to ‘drop/fell’ the tree. If possible, the best way is to fell the tree on the ground and then dismantle into pieces. In residential areas, this is not always possible. Our trained arborists will climb the tree removing the tree piece by piece as to not damage buildings, services, gardens etc.

We use slings, pulleys and rigging systems to ensure pieces are lowered in a controlled manner when required.

Once we have finished the job of cutting down your tree, the wood that has been turned into chips can be left on your property or taken away. Mulch is a great resource for enriching the nutrients in the soil, therefore we recommend leaving the mulch onsite to replenish the soil where the tree was removed.

There is also the option of cutting the tree into sections to be used for firewood. We can offer advice when onsite as to whether the tree is suitable and figure out the best option for you.

Council approval is generally required for tree removal depending on your local Council regulation, however there are some trees that do not require Council approval eg/see exempt tree species list.

If possible, please organise Council tree approval prior, as this will speed up the process. If you are unsure or require assistance with the application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

No tree removal is too big or small for us!

We also provide tree trimming services, which involves pruning and shaping your tree which may better suit your needs.

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