Tree Pruning & Shaping

Our tree pruning service is one of the most effective ways of keeping trees in optimum health. Tree pruning is greatly beneficial to a tree but it should be done by a qualified arborist as if it is executed incorrectly, it can harm the tree more than help it.

If you want to change the aesthetics of your garden, we can do this by trimming, thinning and lifting the canopy of the tree. Other reasons of tree pruning include removal of unsafe dead limbs, maintaining building clearance and enabling more sunlight in to areas.

The most common types of pruning are:

Crown lifting– Involves removing the lower branches giving the appearance of lifting the tree. This is common for many trees in backyards as it removes limbs that are overhanging to provide more clearance for mowing, kids playing, buildings and letting sunlight in to the lower levels of the garden.

Crown thinning- Involves selectively removing minor limbs within the crown. This is done for several reasons, eg; allowing more sunlight penetration and air circulation and reducing wind sail of the tree. This pruning technique is quite frequently used on citrus trees.

Crown reduction– Involves shortening minor limbs within the crown back to suitable growth points to decrease overall height of the tree. Crown reduction often results in large wounds at the branch ends, which may start to decay. It should be considered as a last resort. This practice is different from ‘tree lopping’ and is done with extreme care to ensure the health of the tree.

Deadwooding- Involves removing dead or dying limbs back to a healthy growth point ensuring the tree maintains a healthy structure. Removal of deadwood can prevent damage to buildings and vehicles and also provides a safe environment for people in residential areas.

Our experienced and qualified team of arborists will conduct an onsite assessment of your trees at your property to discuss your pruning needs before work gets underway. We use technical lowering devices and safe work practice techniques to prune trees with minimal disruption to its surrounds.

Council approval may be required for tree pruning depending on your local Council regulation.

If possible, please organise Council tree approval prior, as this will speed up the process. If you are unsure or require assistance with the application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also provide tree deadwooding, removal and hedging services, which may better suit your needs.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can best achieve your desired result.

No tree pruning is too big or small for us!

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