Palm Cleaning & Removal

Palm Cleaning & Removal: Palm trees enhance the look of a property; however, you may be wanting to have a palm tree tidied (cleaned) of loose/unattractive fronds or you may want to get rid of a palm tree completely that is encroaching nearby structures and/or growing out of control.

Palm trees are tough and due to their unique shape and structure, should only be handled by qualified arborists. The fronds are also surprisingly heavy and depending on the species, have sharp, dangerous spikes which makes them difficult to handle and hazardous if left unmaintained.

There are two options for managing palm trees: one option is to have them completely removed including stump grinding or the second is to have them cleaned each year.

As your palm trees age, they shed their outer layers. The old fronds from the tree build up on the skin and can be pulled off by the wind. These fronds are long and heavy, making them difficult to remove and dangerous to the surrounding property. Our qualified arborists can climb the palm, if needed, and selectively remove the unwanted fronds to maintain a safe area under the palm as well as improve the aesthetics of the palm.

Some palm trees produce large volumes of fruit each year. The fruit creates mess when it falls to the ground and attracts unwanted pests such as bats and rodents. This can be solved quickly and efficiently by removing the fruit and future fruit (seed pods).

The palm removal process can vary based on the size of the palm tree, location and amount of space required to ‘drop/fell’ the tree. If possible, the best way is to fell the palm tree on the ground and then dismantle into pieces. In residential areas, this is not always possible. Our trained arborists will climb the palm tree removing the tree piece by piece as to not damage buildings, services, gardens etc. We use slings, pulleys and rigging systems to ensure pieces are lowered in a controlled manner when required.

Once we have finished the job of cutting down or cleaning your palm, the debris is cleaned up and removed offsite for your convenience.

Most of the common palm trees in the Illawarra are exempt from Council approval, however please check with your local Council. If you are unsure or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can best achieve your desired result.

No palm job is too big or small for us!

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