The best thing to feed a tree is a tree!

What is the best option for your loose plant debris? Turning it into mulch!

Mulching is critical in maintaining moisture in the soil. It also helps reduce weed growth, loosening compacted soil, adding nutrients to the soil and improving the aesthetics of your garden.

Unlike commercially produced sawdust and bark mulches, arborist woodchip usually includes bark, wood, and leaves. The materials in arborist mulch vary in their size and decomposition rate; creating a more diverse environment that supports a greater diversity of microbes, insects and other beneficial organisms. A biologically diverse soil community is more resistant to environmental disturbance and will in turn support a more diverse and healthy plant population.


Arborist woodchip supply elements slowly to the soil ecosystem; at the same time, they absorb significant amounts of water that is slowly released and/or held in the soil. It is not surprising that woodchip is known as superior mulch for enhanced plant productivity, as well as being especially effective in helping establish trees and native plants.

Arborist woodchip provides substantial weed control and is also much more cost effective than store bought wood mulches.

Mulch produced from diseased trees will not transmit pathogens to the roots of healthy trees, therefore the mulch is safe to use on existing gardens.

Mulch generated from tree removal and hedging can be left for you to spread over your garden or can be purchased direct from us!

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