Whether it’s for the beauty of a sharp lined looking hedge or the added privacy of a tall blocking screen, we can hedge with precision to create a neat finish. We also complete hedge height reductions and regular trimming maintenance. Hedging can be time-consuming and requires a proper understanding of the best pruning techniques to apply to each plant.

Effective hedge trimming isn’t just about tidying hedges up when they are looking a bit rough around the edges. If you trim at the right times, you won’t have to trim as often. With the correct timing, you can maximise the cover and thickness of formal hedges, and improve the flowering of informal varieties. If your hedge is too tall and feels out of control, we can bring it back to a manageable height and size.

New hedges require formative trimming, and this trimming will determine their lifetime health and shape. Formative hedge trimming should be conducted after planting and for the two years following planting. Accidental over-hedging will change the way your hedge looks for the rest of its life, or could even kill it.

We have the equipment available to tackle any height, size and shape of hedge.

No hedging job is too big or small for us!

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can best achieve your desired result.

We also provide tree removal and tree pruning services, which may better suit your needs.

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