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Tree Removal

Tree Removal is our most conducted service by our AQF Level 3 Certified arborists. We use technical lowering devices and safe work practice techniques to remove trees with minimal disruption to its surrounds.

Council approval is generally required depending on your local Council regulation, however there are some trees that do not require Council approval e.g./see exempt tree species list.

No tree removal is too big or small for us! Contact us today for a free quote.

Tree Pruning & Shaping

Our tree pruning service is one of the most effective ways of keeping trees in optimum health. If you want to change the aesthetics of your garden, we can do this by trimming, thinning and lifting the canopy of the tree. Other reasons of tree pruning include removal of unsafe dead limbs, maintaining building clearance and enabling more sunlight in to areas.

Palm Cleaning & Removal

There are two options for managing palm trees: one option is to have them completely removed including stump grinding or the second is to have them cleaned each year. As your palm trees age, they shed their outer layers. The old fronds from the tree build up on the skin and can be pulled off by the wind. These fronds are long and heavy, making them difficult to remove and dangerous to the surrounding property.

Some palm trees produce large volumes of fruit each year. The fruit creates mess when it falls to the ground and attracts unwanted pests. Most of the common palm trees in the Illawarra are exempt from Council approval. Whether it be a removal or clean, contact us for your palm tree management.


Whether it’s for the beauty of a sharp lined looking hedge or the added privacy of a tall blocking screen, we can hedge with precision to create a neat finish.

We also complete hedge height reductions and regular trimming maintenance. Contact us today!


Mulching is critical in maintaining moisture in the soil. It also helps reduce weed growth, loosening compacted soil, adding nutrients to the soil and improving the aesthetics of your garden. Mulch generated from tree removal and hedging can be left for you to spread over your garden or can be purchased direct from us! Contact us today.

Stump Grinding

Our specialised stump grinding machine can break down the stumps located within your property converting them into useful garden mulch which can left on site to fill the hole or can be taken away.
Removing the stump will allow you to replant or turf the area.

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