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How Can An Arborist Help You?

Trees are important to us. It does not only play an important role in the environment but it also adds value to your property as well as the health of the community. Trees that are in good condition offer substantial returns in terms of ecological, residential, commercial, and community benefits. Conversely, poorly maintained ones can be considered as a liability and even a hazard in some cases. Because of this, some people take on the tree work on their own. Little do they know that incorrectly doing this task does not only pose a risk to the tree itself but also endangers the inexperienced person who attempted to do the job.

We Can Help

Keep in mind that tree work should only be carried out by equipped and trained people. In line with this, it is highly recommended to look for a professional. Hire Arborist Luke Warner, a local team of professional arborists who are based in Illawarra.

We use the latest tools and technologies to get our job done correctly, safely, and timely. We have excavators and trucks readily available when needed at work sites. We use the right kind of equipment like handsaws, chainsaws, pruning devices, ropes, and climbing tools. We also have large machines like stump grinders as well as elevated working platforms for bigger jobs. Apart from that, all of our arborists wear safety gear and may also use traffic management equipment, if needed.

We are trained in Australian Arboriculture Practices. We offer a wide array of services including tree removal, tree pruning & shaping, palm cleaning & Removal, hedging, mulching, and stump grinding.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is one of our most sought-after service, which is offered to those living in Wollongong. It is performed by our AQF Level 3 Certified arborist. This kind of professional service may be warranted if the tree is:

  • Considered as irreparably dangerous by a certified arborist
  • Being replaced by a far more suitable specimen
  • Harming other trees
  • Dying or dead
  • In a situation that is hazardous and cannot be solved through other means
  • Improperly located within a development or construction site

When doing their work, our team makes sure that safety measures are in place and the right kind of equipment is used. We use the most appropriate tree lowering devices like slings, pulleys, and rigging systems. Meanwhile, the process involved when removing a tree depends on its size, location, and the amount of space needed to drop the tree. But you can rest assured that our well-trained arborists will do whatever it takes to avoid causing potential damages to your property as well as the neighboring area.

Tree Pruning & Shaping

Arborist Luke Warner also features services that involve tree pruning and shaping, which is also available to those who are residing in Port Kembla. The most common types of pruning that we perform crown lifting, crown thinning, crown reduction, and deadwooding. Trees need pruning if:

  • They need to be trained to develop a strong and sound structure
  • Light penetration and air flow needs to be increased by thinning the limbs
  • Damaged branches and limbs should be removed
  • Get rid of limbs that rub together and could cause wounds
  • Remove limbs that interfere with structures
  • Take out limbs that are weak, diseased, or dead
  • Develop stronger and better structure to lower the risk for storm damage
  • Eliminate too much weight at the end of the branches
  • Improve the shape of a damaged tree

Palm Cleaning & Removal

Whether you need your palm trees cleaned or removed, there’s only one company that you should trust, Arborist Luke Warner. Apart from doing excellent work, our experienced arborists will also take care of cleaning up and removing the debris once they are done with their work. If you are from Shellharbour, you can always count on us to assist you with your palm cleaning or removal needs.

Hedging & Mulching

Our professional arborists also offer hedging and mulching services. Our expert arborists can hedge with a great level of accuracy to make sure that a great finish is created. They are armed with the knowledge, experience, and the right tools to get the job done properly. Are you from Jamberoo, or Kiama? Do you need hedging or mulching services? Call Arborist Luke Warner now.

Stump Grinding

We also offer stump grinding services to all those who want to get rid of a tree stump. Our experienced arborists will use a specialised stump grinding machine to remove the stump and turn it into garden mulch. Our experts can also get into hard to reach areas, tough as well as steep terrain to get the job done.

If you need any of these services or you want to get more information, call Arborist Luke Warner now.

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